Top Franchise Training & Support Comprehensive Guidance for Juice Bar Franchise Owners

With over 30 corporate-owned locations, Nékter Juice Bar Franchise delivers unparalleled support to Franchise Owners from a place of true understanding.

We Know What It means To Be Supportive

Unlike other franchise support teams you’ll find, Nékter corporate support knows what our Franchise Owners need most… because we’re our own largest Franchise Owner! Over 30 Nékter locations are currently corporately-owned, meaning we have been in the trenches and know firsthand what it’s like to own and operate a Nékter Juice Bar. This intimate understanding of the day-to-day aspects of running a Nékter franchise, along with our “Franchise First” mentality, gives us a unique perspective that has allowed us to perfect our model and provide quick, effective support for all our Franchise Owners. After opening over 30 corporate locations, we have only recently put emphasis on franchise-lead growth. We believe this makes us stronger as a company, since our Owners know they can depend on us to assist them with whatever they need, when they need it.

Meet Your Franchise Support Team

Steve Schulze - Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Steve Founded Nékter in 2010 and has led the company as CEO since inception. He oversees the entire business including company and franchise-owned locations. Steve’s role is to ensure all aspects of the company are running smoothly and has put a world-class team in place to support Franchise Owners in opening their locations and beyond.

Alexis Schulze - Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Alexis leads Nékter’s research and development efforts. She works to create new menu items that focus on consumers growing appetite for plant-based, functional, and nutrient-rich foods that support various lifestyles and diet preferences. Before Nékter, Alexis had more than 20 years of experience working with children in both preschool and elementary school, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Adolescent
Development, and a Master’s Degree in Cross-Cultural Education. Recently, Alexis authored her first children’s book called Sneaky Spinach with plans to write additional books in this series soon.

Natalie Green - Vice President of Business Operations

Natalie has served as our Vice President of Business Operations since May 2016. Natalie also served as our Controller from December 2014 until April 2016. Natalie manages all department leaders to ensure alignment across all business systems to support the overall Nékter brand.

Jeff Barney - Vice President of Franchising

Jeff oversees Nékter franchising, including our development, sales, point of sale, and training departments. He works with each of these departments to drive innovation and build pre-opening support initiatives from the first interviews through opening day. This includes Discovery Days, new Franchise Owner training, store openings, development processes, and our franchise advisory council.

Corryn Dotson - Director of Training and Development

During build-out, Owners will work with Corryn to schedule in-store and corporate classroom training. Corryn also coordinates with our Regional Training Managers and Franchise Business Consultants on store openings.

Lidia Larson - Director of Construction

Lidia guides our Owners on all things construction-related, from working with our architects and drawing out layout plans to implement the build-out with contractors and ensuring that stores are ready to open.

Zach Anderson - Vice President of Operations

Zach oversees all Nékter Juice Bar operations for both Company-owned and Franchise locations. He supervises the Franchise Business Consultants, our Franchise Marketing Manager, and our Field Marketing Manager, working with all parties to coordinate post-opening support for our franchise locations.

One of the Most Experienced Franchise Support Teams on the Planet

Unlike most Franchise Concepts today, we’re Franchise Owners ourselves! We have opened 40+ corporate-owned franchise locations and used this experience to fine-tune our model and ensure that ongoing improvements in store performance.

How Our Franchise Stands Out

  • Clean Ingredients

    Nékter Juice Bar has entirely transformed the juice bar experience, offering total ingredient transparency by eliminating hidden fillers, unnecessary sugars, processed ingredients, and artificial flavors from the menu – just as Mother Nature intended.

  • No Refined Sugars

    Nékter’s freshly made juices, smoothies, and acai bowls are made to order without any mystery ingredients. Just clean, healthy eating that tastes as good as it feels.

  • Plant Based & Dairy Free

    It’s well-known in the scientific community that diets containing large amounts of fruits and vegetables can help people prevent a variety of chronic diseases, and Nékter is at the forefront of the “clean eating” revolution!

  • Customizable

    Our clean, handcrafted products are customizable and offer many options to our guests with dietary or flavor preferences.

  • Innovative Offerings

    Exciting products such as our signature seasonal offerings, our cleanses as well as our "good to go" catering packages offer variety that can’t be found in other smoothie franchises while creating multiple streams of revenue for our Franchise Owners.

  • A Healthy Atmosphere

    Nékter makes health easily accessible by delivering nutritious, great-tasting options without any attitude. Unlike some of our competitors, our welcoming environment is healthy in more ways than one. Nékter is a space where everyone can work toward achieving their personal goals and feel great about it!

Nékter Juice Bar Franchise Partners

Find Out What They're Saying
  • A Part of the Family

    “When we met with the entire Nékter team, we instantly felt like we were a part of the family. This was an extremely smooth journey for us, the Nékter team helped guide us during the real estate and leasing process.”

    - Sean Sehgal
  • An Immensely Rewarding Experience

    From the moment I tasted my first acai bowl at Nékter Juice Bar, I was hooked. It’s been an immensely rewarding experience to bring such a high-quality, health-conscious brand focused on innovation, its customers, and employees.

    - Andrea Young
  • Our Numbers Have Been Improving Every Day!

    “I love the customers, I love what we sell, and I love what we do. Our numbers have been improving every day since we've opened!”

    - Daniel Hernandez
  • Healthy, Nutritious, & Full of Flavor

    “I always see my customers leaving the store with a smile and they are happy about what they are putting into their bodies. I am proud to sell a product that is healthy, nutritious, and full of flavor.”

    - Yuen Lepe
  • The Ability to Own Your Own Business

    “It's not just about financial stability, you get the ability to own your own business and pass on health and wellness to the community. The best part of the Nékter culture is that it's such a fun environment.”

    - Aman & Gagan Batta